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Power Control Switch Lenovo скачать

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Share images, video and music between your Android and Windows devices.

Detects the machines details like serial number and model and provides support.

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Customizes the experience of Lenovo laptops for users.

The Lenovo Solution Center . created by Lenovo for Think

PowerDVD is a movie and media player; this version is designed for Lenovo PCs.

specifically for Lenovo G770 notebook . installed on a Lenovo PC

Manages your ThinkVantage laptop’s network connections.

location. Automatic switching between wirele . issued by Lenovo to . with the Lenovo range

OneKey Theater software allows users to simplify the audio and visual experience.

The Lenovo OneKey Theater . Users can switch from normal

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is a powerful, next-generation . specifically for Lenovo computer . provides power management

It is a free program that brings you the gesture recognition technology.

Lenovo Motion Control is a free . The Lenovo Motion Control suppots the

Program that allows you to browse, manage, edit and share your digital photos.

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IdeaPad or Lenovo Notebook computers

A program for managing the devices in your Lenovo laptop.

Lenovo Utility is a . in your Lenovo laptop. You . change the power usage, view

LSM allows multiple computers to interact with your network storage device.

to LenovoEMC, Lenovo, and Iomega

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Lenovo Setting . run various Lenovo applications. Without . with various Lenovo systems

Automatically switches Power Point to full-screen mode when PC is in tablet mode.

Lenovo Transition automatically switches open . applications like Power

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