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Express Tools Autocad 2011 скачать

helpful tips for everyday users

Yet, another program that’s not vanilla AutoCAD but still relavent.

In AutoCAD Architecture 2011, you may have noticed that after installation, there are no Express Tools. I realized that after I installed the program that I forgot to install the Express Tools. My search for help on the internet was frustrating because most everyone’s advice was to make sure that you load it upon installation. Well I didn’t feel like uninstalling and then reinstalling so I found this very helpful.

In the command line, type MENULOAD

  • 1) click the “Browse” button in the Load/Unload dialog box
  • 2) select the “acetmain” .cuix menu file
  • 3) click “Open”
  • Back in the Load/Unload dialog box, with “acetmain” highlighted in the box click “Load” (Note – it may say “Express” in this dialog box.

When you click load, it will close the dialog box and load that new menu. Be patient and it will load the Express Tools.

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You are a genius- I had been an expresstools addict but did not load upon install of 2011. Thank you so much.

Thank you! I am happy that anything on this blog helps others.
I helped someone at school with the same problem and it didn’t fix it permanently. If it doesn’t continue to work, do the following:
You start the uninstall process, but you WILL NOT have to uninstall and waste a lot of time.
Go to the “Control Panel” and start the uninstall process and select AutoCAD Architecture.
Once it starts, it will ask you if you want to really uninstall or do you want to install something that was not included in the initial install. choose that option. i forget what the other options are, but Express tools are definitely in there. After it installs the Express Tools, you may need to add the Express Tools again as the above post describes.

Thank you so much
It was a smart solution and a very simple way to do it
But you have to go to the second step, “Uninstal”l and choosing Express tools you have to load it, the program will look in Internet but you have the file in your computer, so you have to browse to look where your file is located and that it is.

It work for Architecture 2012

Thanks for the heads up Daniel

Thank you for the express tools menu information! It was most helpful, especially after following many less informed offerings on others sites.

You are very welcome.
I too was frustrated with the lack of specificity with how to load the Express Tools.
I am happy that it was helpful for you.
Thanks for stopping by.

I have what probably has a simple solution, but I’m having no luck finding it. I would say I’m fairly familiar with CAD. I began following your instructions and i don’t have a box that pops up (like with most other commands), so I followed along in my command line, which was find until i had to Open. I guess I need to have that pop up box. How do I get it?? Thanks ya’ll.

Erin, If you are referring to the dialog box that appears when you open drawings, try the following command in the command line:

The dialog box should now display when trying to open another drawing.
Also make sure that you are not using a dash infront of the command. Ex. -OPEN or -LAYER
The dash in front of a command is meant to suppress the dialog box (window) from displaying thus forcing you to work from the command line

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